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New Products

Hetony Inc. is now starting a new project on the Manufacturering of
Electric Vehicle Motors and Controllers


​​​​​​​Permanent Magnet AC Motors

Compared to traditional AC induction motor, a permanent magnet AC (PMAC) motor is a syncronous motor, meaning that rotor spins at the same speed as the motor’s internal rotating magnetic field. magnets mounted on or embedded in the rotor, in other words, the rotor itself contains permanent magnets, which can be either surface-mounted or embedded within the rotor laminations, while in common ac induction motors, magnetic field on rotor is excited by electrical power is supplied through the stator windings.

A permanent magnet AC motors are often smaller in size and more efficient than AC Induction motor solutions. In addition, permanent magnet AC motors have been known to have a wide torque-speed range and are able to maintain full torque at low speeds which  are both critical important features for Electric Vehicle.

Motor Control Solution

A permanent magnet AC motors are more difficult to design partly because they must operate with a controller. In contrast, traditional AC induction motors can be used either without a variable frequency drives (VFD) to drive a pump and fan or install VFD to improve system efficiency. Permanent magnet synchronous motors cannot run without a drive. A controller is required to both drive the motor and precisely control the speed to meet the application requirements for acceleration, braking, high-speed cruising, etc.